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Wanda Michelle

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Wanda-Michelle has been in the business of creating beautiful  spaces for the last twenty years.  Our signature interiors are distinctive yet combine sophistication and simplicity, after all the essence of great design is simplicity in itself. Our professional team will help interpret your vision, to deliver the reality of your dream.

Design for Residential Relocations

We have mastered the art of relocating clients’ beautiful homes through professional curatorship. We prepare every last detail of moving; whether within an estate, to another province, or emigrating.
Through advanced design, planning, and coordination, we save clients time and money.

Wanda Michelle

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African Projects

Wanda-Michelle has over 20 years experience in SA & into Africa

Interior Design & Décor

Specialist residential designers & decorators

Understated Luxury

Our unique design signature is elegant, sophisticated and timeless

Wanda Michelle

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